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3 Teas to Boost Your Immunity

For thousands of years, people have used herbal teas not only as a treat, but also as a medicine. Every country has its own preferred herbs, because different plants grow in different geographical territories, although nowadays you can buy any tea from any part of the world. Here I present some of the most famous teas, used around Europe nowadays to boost immunity and help in preventing or treating flus and viruses.

  1. Chamomile tea. 

I put on first place this wonderful tea, because it is a personal favorite of mine. Chamomile is known mainly for its uses as a nervous system soother and a natural sleep aid. But it also has other immune-boosting properties – chamomile increases the production of specific white blood cells in the body that destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses. Feel free to drink chamomile tea any time of the day to give your immune system a boost!

  1. Green tea.

Green tea actually originated in China, but quickly spread all over the world. Green tea is a potent antioxidant, often used as a nutritional supplement in the form of capsules. The reason it is so powerful is because of the polyphenols that are believed to act as immune-boosters. Also, research suggests that green tea improves brain function and increases fat burning and physical performance. This herb has been used for centuries all over the world, so you will definitely find it in the local market. Just be careful not to drink it before sleep, since it is very energizing.

  1. Mint tea.

Mint tea is great to sooth a sore throat, and help relieve respiratory problems. Mint also calms down the digestive system (it has even shown to be effective in the treatment of IBS), eliminates inflammation and relaxes the body. On top of everything, it freshens the breath and tastes amazing with some added honey. You can freely use it in the morning or at night, whenever you feel overwhelmed from work or simply want to feel the beautiful calming scent of mint!


Drinking tea is a great way to boost your immunity, detox and ingest more liquid. Different teas have different properties. If you want to boost your immunity, try the ones I share in this article or search for other variations that suit your taste. Take care of your body and remember that a healthy body supports a healthy mind!


Resources: https://goo.gl/5YZ5TA  https://goo.gl/ciewCO https://goo.gl/Rnnhml

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