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How to take control of your food cravings this Christmas

It's Christmas time! And that is why I am telling you straight away – I will NOT talk about deprivation, diets and weight loss in this article. Christmas is about joyful dinners with the family, cinnamon lattes at Costa and cozy winter nights in the company of our loved ones… At this time of the year you don’t need to stress about 'cheat' meals or what foods to avoid. Let’s face it – the smell of Christmas is everywhere! That toffee cake at your favorite cafeteria, those homemade cookies your colleague brought at the office… even the so called “bio” shops offer a variety of gluten-free and not-so-gluten-free Christmas treats. You simply can’t pretend to ignore all of that! And frankly, you don’t need to. Instead of...

Lose weight during your summer vacation with no dieting!

Going on a vacation means taking a break from everything, including dieting and working out, right? In the end, that’s all what a vacation is about – giving yourself that well deserved rest. At the same time, anxiety might come out, as you remember how hard you worked for that beach body, and then you feel like you might ruin everything when you don’t follow your usual routine… However, it doesn’t have to be that way! The opposite, of your surprise, you might actually lose weight. In fact, that’s what happened to me during my vacation, even though I actually went off my diet. For that purpose, I would like to share with you some of the principles I followed so that you don’t feel deprived,...