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3 Tips to Hydrate During Summer (That Aren’t Water)

Start your day with a SMOOTHIE. At night, especially during summer, the body dehydrates quite a lot. Thus, it is highly important to re-hydrate your cells the moment you get out of bed. First things first – drink a glass of water. Ideally, with half a lemon squeezed inside. It will also prepare your stomach for breakfast while stimulating digestion. Next – choose your favorite leafy greens (e.g. spinach, collard greens, kale, etc.) and some fruit of choice (such as green apples, peaches, strawberries, etc.). Add all ingredients to the blender and create the most energizing, detoxifying summer smoothie! Not only will you re-hydrate your cells, you will also absorb all minerals and vitamins much easier, since the blender breaks down the fiber of the...

Wonder Nuts

Nuts are among my favorite types of snacks. They are so nutritious and just a handful of any type can fill you up and fade away any cravings. The most beautiful part is that nuts are so diverse you can never get bored. They all provide different health benefits though, so it’s good to know what to choose for maximum effect. Let me introduce to you some of the most wonder-ful options you can choose from… or as I call them, the wonder-nuts! Walnuts – wonder for your brain. Maybe it’s not by chance that they have the shape of a brain – walnuts are, in fact, excellent for the health of your brain. They contain neuroprotective compounds like vit. E, omega-3 fats, and tons of antioxidants....


Dairy has been a very controversial topic lately. Should we consume it or not, are all people intolerant to milk, how we know whether we are sensitive to it, is raw better than pasteurized, and so on, and so on… You might have come across all those questions. There is so much to talk about that I would definitely not fit in this blog, but there are some fundamental things you need to know. To help you understand the basics of dairy and whether you should consume it or not, I will point out why the topic of milk intolerance arises on first place. Secondly, I will give you three reasons why dairy might not be a healthy option for you, and lastly, I will present...