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My Guide to a Lazy Detox

First, let’s clear out something: why is everyone talking about a detox? Every season, all the big nutritional websites and beauty magazines come out with covers such as “3 Day Summer Detox”, “A Warming Winter Detox”, “Easy and Affordable Spring Detox”, etc. So, why is that? The reason is very simple: your body needs a break. Something like a ‘vacation’, but for your digestive system…

During a detox, there are several very important rules.

  • Drink tons of water – aim for at least 3 liters per day to clear out the clutter of your body and speed up the detoxication process.
  • Move your body – whether it is relaxing yoga at home or vigorous exercise at the gym, just choose a way to detox your mind and lungs.
  • Sleep – yes, take the time to sleep as much as your body needs. We tend to underestimate our body’s needs to rest, and often we end up burnt out.
  • Set a period of time – you can detox from as little as 1 day to as much as 14 days, or even more (for an extended detox though, you might need nutritional guidance to make sure you get all the nutrient needed). It is totally up to you and your health condition. Your body will thank you for any bit of second!
  • Finally, choose your diet – any diet would do, as long as it is based on seasonal fruit and vegetables, without harder-to-digest products like dairy, eggs, meat, etc.

Now, the final step is the most challenging, since it requires you to avoid some of your favorite products. The good news, it’s only for a few days!

And here comes my formula for a lazy detox. You can find hundreds of thousands of detox plans, smoothie and juice recipes online, but the truth is, all of those require some more expensive equipment at home, extra shopping time, additional time for preparation and so on. Instead, I suggest you 3 ways to detox the lazy way:

  1. Check out the Fresh Juice nextdoor.

Juices are the fastest way to get nutrients into your body. Nowadays it gets easier and easier to find a Fresh bar anywhere on the street. They even sell fresh juices in the supermarkets… Buy some 1-2 liters (or more) of juice and drink on it the whole day!

BUT, preferably choose vegetable based juices to avoid sugar crash. And also, you might wanna add in some fiber to keep up the bowel movement (fiber is often sold in packages), since the juices literally take out only the juice of the products, leaving all of the other goodness behind.

  1. Order from a Smoothie bar.

Smoothies are a perfect way to detox your body, since they are already ‘chewed’ by the blender (which makes it easier for your digestive tract), and still contain the fiber that keeps your bowel movement (unlike juices).

The easiest thing to do – just check out some smoothie bars in your area, and order 3 to 5 smoothies for the day. You can do it early morning, and after you have your first smoothie, store the rest in the fridge. As simple as that.

  1. Stock on whole products.

Whole fruit and vegetables is the other alternative to juices and smoothies. In fact, it’s the easiest one, since you don’t need to use blenders, order anything or even use the refrigerator. All that you will have to do is stock up your kitchen with whole products for the week: ‘choose the rainbow’, as they say… Buy colorful fruit and vegetables, experiment with new tastes and binge on that freshness to detox!


Note: if you exercise hard, you might need to double the servings.

I hope you have a more clear idea around the process of detox now. Doesn’t sound hard at all, does it?



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