Lose weight during your summer vacation with no dieting! - Yoanna - Health Coach
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Lose weight during your summer vacation with no dieting!

Going on a vacation means taking a break from everything, including dieting and working out, right? In the end, that’s all what a vacation is about – giving yourself that well deserved rest. At the same time, anxiety might come out, as you remember how hard you worked for that beach body, and then you feel like you might ruin everything when you don’t follow your usual routine…

However, it doesn’t have to be that way! The opposite, of your surprise, you might actually lose weight. In fact, that’s what happened to me during my vacation, even though I actually went off my diet. For that purpose, I would like to share with you some of the principles I followed so that you don’t feel deprived, and at the same time maintain your weight stable or even lose weight during your summer vacation!

  1. Opt for the unsweetened lemonade.

Summer is the perfect season to drink up on fresh juices and all kinds of detox drinks – like fresh lemonade, for example! The best part is – you can always ask the waiter to skip on the sugar, when you order your drink. Truly, we should be careful with the consumption of sweet drinks, since we often underestimate the amount of sugar added to liquids. For instance, a single can of Fanta contains around 42 grams of sugar, which equals to 10.5 teaspoons of granulated white sugar! Instead, you can choose naturally sweetened drinks – a ‘trick’ that will save you a lot of unnecessary calories.

  1. Eat a rainbow fruit salad. 

Fruits are among those sweet desserts you can freely indulge on in summer. Remember that your body gets dehydrated faster when it’s hot, so it is highly important to consume enough water and eat foods with high water content (mainly fruits and vegetables) to keep your body hydrated. The best part is – ANY hotel on this planet offers fruits and vegetables. You can make a beautiful fruit salad for breakfast and pair it up with some fresh yogurt for more satiety. Also, don’t forget to grab several pieces of whole fruit for the beach later during the day.

  1. Relax or be active – whichever you like more. 

Whether you choose to lay down on the hot summer sand all day, or play volleyball with your friends – it’s all good! In our everyday overwhelming society, we often store weight as a result of increased cortisol and stress. This is especially true for women because of the way our bodies were structured. So, it doesn’t really matter what you choose to do during your vacation – to relax or to be more active. As long as you are present in the moment and forget about all your usual ‘stressors’, your body will thank you for that!

Weight loss doesn’t have to be accompanied by strict diets and exercise plans to maintain or lose weight!
Finally, enjoy your vacation and don’t bother overthinking about calories in vs. calories out.
What are your ways to stay fit in summer?

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