Education, Qualifications, Professional Career

My Vision

I envision a world where each individual awakens with their own inner light, living in perfect harmony with their energy. As a therapist, my vision is to be a companion on this personal journey, where everyone can find inspiration and healing.

I have deep confidence in the potential of each individual for healing and personal development.

My passion is to inspire and motivate every patient to discover their inner potential and regain their health. I create an environment where self-confidence and personal growth are fundamental steps towards a fulfilled life.

My Ethics

Love, beauty, and light are sources of health. Every person must make efforts to feel good, to be in good health. To be courageous and seek help if needed. To be open, receptive, and sensitive to one’s needs and everything one can receive from nature that exists to help us through plants, light, or healers.

If your heart calls you towards bioenergy therapy – listen to it. It’s trusting yourself!

Bioenergy is a space of assistance, respect, calmness, and love.


What do patients say about Yoanna?

Bioenergy sessions with Yoanna have been simply remarkable. Her expertise and genuine concern for well-being shine through in every session. I experienced a profound transformation in my well-being, finding inner peace and increased vitality. I highly recommend Yoanna to anyone seeking holistic healing and a more balanced and radiant life.

Iva K.

My opinion on bioenergy therapy is entirely positive. I don’t trust easily, but after severe recurrent upper respiratory inflammations, unsuccessful attempts at diagnosis and treatment by various doctors, I trusted Johanna. From the first session, I felt relief, and the cough decreased. After the third session, the cough completely disappeared, and a week after the end of a series of 5 sessions, I had no complaints or pain. It has now been 6 months since I have been doing very well, feeling more alive, energetic, and serene. I sincerely believe I have found the right person in Yohanna, who, with her professionalism, skills as a bioenergy therapist, and dedication, will continue to help me and my loved ones in the future.

Boryana T.

Yoanna is a gentle and attentive therapist to her patient. I had a few sessions with her that relieved me of stress and provided a deep sense of well-being through her work. During and after sessions with her, I felt deeply relaxed. She is connected to her heart and generously offers the right energy to bring more balance into your life. She also treated my son several times, who has difficulty concentrating and easily becomes anxious. After sessions with her, he was more grounded, relaxed, and less anxious. After each session with Yoanna, he is becoming calmer.

Marianna G.